Top 5 Reasons to Switch from Processed to Real Food

5 reasons to switch from processed to real foodI recently received this e-mail:

Hi, Kirsten,
I’m writing in response to the Food Babe article you posted this morning on Facebook. Well, not actually in response to it, but I suppose as a result of it. Recently I’ve been gaining more interest in health and natural cooking/eating and this type of article just confirms the line of thinking I’ve been entertaining. But the switch (from processed) to natural food seems REALLY overwhelming.

I was wondering if you might be willing to throw a few tips or resources for beginners my way (even if it’s some posts on your blog to read) or even a few staple recipes for starting out. Basically, I don’t feel I have the time and energy right now to throw myself into an entire lifestyle change, but I’d like to start making changes that will improve our health and style of eating.

Thanks again for posting the article. It was a hard truth to swallow (pun intended) but important to consider.

Before I get into some tips and staple recipes, I think it’s important to discuss why natural food is important to consider — even if it is overwhelming.

Here are my top 5 reasons why switching to real food from processed food is a huge priority for me.

  1. My role as mother:  Despite what good marketing will tell you, no one else has the best interests of your family’s health in mind but you. Food companies, pharmaceutical companies and even the government are motivated by one thing:  money. That does not mean whole, quality food.
  2. My worldview:  I believe that our world is broken. It was created perfectly, but due to a few chomps on a piece of fruit, it’s always moving from life to decay and death. Humankind might have keen problem-solving skills, but it still falls short of perfection. So I think eating food closer to the way that God created it — whole foods with real ingredients — is better than any man-made attempts — genetically modified or highly processed grub.
  3. My financial stance:  I couldn’t tell you the difference between a money market account and a hedge fund. The stock market doesn’t interest me, unless you’re talking about livestock. But I am passionate about making an investment in my family’s health now, by purchasing more expensive, more nutritious food. I’d rather pay for it now through cash exchanges at the farmer’s market, than later in medical bills.
  4. My taste buds:  When you fore go MSG for fresh herbs, non-fat and unnatural dairy for full-fat goodness, and succulent veggies for canned goods, you won’t look back. Once you go real, it’s a done deal.
  5. My common sense:  Why would I feed myself or my family something with 50 ingredients, none of which I could grow or find myself? After researching ingredients, reading labels and educating myself, it seems ludicrous that I once bought cheese coated in wood pulp or almonds soaked in jet fuel additive.

What are your reasons for making natural food a priority?

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