A Paleo Mom Comes Clean

So, we’re still eating Paleo. My breastmilk is as plentiful as it’s ever been. And I feel great, even if not all of our meals are exciting (see the husband’s Paleo passion to the left). However, it’s time I come clean on a few things.

My Paleo confessions:

1.  While we have a freezer stocked with grass-fed beef products from a local ranch, I treat that protein like gold and want to hoard it. Many of our meals use eggs and bacon, because it seems more affordable. But at $6.50 for 8 slices of nitrate/nitrite free bacon, that’s hardly a steal.

2.  I don’t quite understand why peanuts are off limits. I just tell people it’s because they’re a legume, and then I change the subject.

3.  If I don’t change the subject quick enough, and I’m asked why legumes are a problem, I start mumbling about seeds and self-protection and animals pooping them out. It gets awkward.

4.  We eat frozen sweet potato fries like they’re going out of style, and I choose to ignore the long list of ingredients that would convict me to make them from scratch.

5.  Sometimes when we’re at a restaurant, I “forget” to ask for my omelette without cheese. I might soon forget to not buy some goat cheese and then spruce up a salad.

6.  Our salads have become so depressing. Mixed greens, pine nuts, salt, pepper and olive oil. Usually eaten with our hands, because spearing pine nuts and arugula is just too much work. But we include greens at nearly every meal, so we give ourselves an oily pat on the back.

7.  Back to legumes, I miss hummus. And peanut butter.

8.  I cheat once every few days. A cookie here, an omelette with cheese there. But in most cases, the cheating isn’t really worth it. Cookies aren’t as good as the dark chocolate I’ve been eating every night. But check back in with me when it’s ice cream season.

9.  When my baby turns one year old in four months, I have no idea if we’ll keep her Paleo. Why give her cow’s milk, if we’re not drinking it? But I don’t want to make her the weird toddler who has to have almond milk in her sippy cup and prefers spaghetti squash over mac ‘n’ cheese.

10.  Organic chicken breasts are just so expensive. I eat way more dark meat now because of it. But sometimes the dark meat looks bloody, and that’s just so gross.


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