Traits of the Millennial Generation raising babies

Ironic Mustache of a Millennial
A Millennial with a baby and an ironic mustache.

Members of the Millennial Generation — or Generation Y — were born in the 1980s and early 1990s. Their characteristics include being tech savvy, connected via social networking, narcissism and a fear of failure. Basically, if you tweet about winning a free iPhone4 because you won a contest for being awesome, but cower offline ashamed because you weren’t invited to the party everyone on Facebook is posting about, you’re probably a Millennial.

Now that Millennials, myself included, are raising kids, there are a few aspects to parenthood that are particular to our generation. Which of these relate to you?

1. Pictures on Facebook. Unless we have proactive grandmas, we have few printed pictures of our babe. But we do have an album on Facebook, likely named our child’s full name, which is updated nearly daily.

2. Lullaby playlist. Whether it’s Pandora, our iPod or Spotify, we’ve created a lullaby playlist for the car, the glider or to play near the crib.

3. Structured tummy time. We Millennials like to succeed, and we want our tots to be totes awesome too. So we schedule in tummy time to force their little muscles to develop at a rate consistent with — or quicker than — the other little tykes we read about.

(speaking of which)

4. Daily or weekly e-mails. We receive e-mails updating us on where our baby’s development should be and what other parents are saying (or complaining about or bragging about).

5. Breastfeeding support groups. We mamas gather around in circles with boppies in lap, boobs out and babes on board, discussing everything from mastitis to postpartum sex. Often with cookies making the rounds.

6. YouTube videos people don’t care about. We post videos of our little ones eating, laughing and pooping, even though only people genetically tied to the little pooper really care.

7. Pinterest boards. We have pinned inspiring pictures with cute owls in the nursery, chalkboards counting down to baby’s arrival and up for baby’s growth, and naked babies in endearingly dangerous poses, like sitting amid Christmas lights or teetering in a metal bucket on top of a windowsill.

8. Dusty baby books. We have an actual, tangible baby book waiting for us to hand write memories of the early days and glue in locks of hair and pictures. That gets dusty while our tweets detail the minutiae of baby’s firsts.

9. Archaic car seats. For all of the technological advances and efficiencies we experience, we still cart around huge and awkward car seats that bang into our legs as we walk and tweak our delicate wrists as we grunt them into the port in the car.

10. Sign language. While many of us never knew a lick of sign language before becoming parents, suddenly we’re communicating “more,” “all done,” “potty,” “please,” and others like it’s our first language.

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