Five ironies of motherhood

Me and babyMotherhood is everything I expected and not what I expected at all. Here are the top 5 ironies that I’ve encountered so far, in five months of postpartum transition:

1.  My favorite clothes to wear are made to be tight — yoga pants, leggings, even spandex — but I shudder when I try to put on something that is tight but wasn’t made to be.

2.  Therefore, I wear workout clothes all the time, rarely with the intent to actually work out.

3.  My — ahem — lady lumps are the best they’ve ever been — if you can look past some leakage — but they’re off limits for anything but feeding.

4.  My body endured the most intense and miraculous thing ever, birth, and yet sometimes I think it’s in the worst shape of my life. (Until I remind myself to be thankful for these birthing hips and the extra body fat to nourish a little one through breast milk.)

5.  A fussy night can lead me to pray and plead that baby will finally fall asleep, and then after a few hours, I miss her and hope she wakes up.

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